511: Instructional Technology Foundations Class Presenter Sign Up Sheet
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Tentative Schedule (may change depending upon circumstances)

Week Article Presenter Narrated Lecture Presenter
Week 1 (August 24): Course Introductions and Open Explore Week
Week 2 (August 31): Instructional Technology Overview
Week 3 (September 7): Instructional Systems Design
Week 4 (September 14): Instructional Development Process (Task #2 due)
Week 5 (September 21): Theories of Learning: Behaviorism
Week 6 (September 28): Cognitive and Constructivist Perspectives
Week 7 (October 5): Authentic Learning and Cognitive Apprenticeship
Week 8 (October 12): Theories of Learning Comparison
Week 9 (October 19): History of IT (Task #3 and Task #4 due)
Week 10 (October 26): Trends and Issues in IT
Week 11 (November 2): Human Performance Technology: Concepts and Process Models
Week 12 (November 9): History, Trends, and Issues in HPT
Week 13 (November 16): Professional Ethics
Week 14 (November 30): Career and Professional Development
Week 15 (December 7): Self-Selection Week, Explore, and Final Projects (Task #5 and Task #6 due)