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The scholarly work in instructional technology of Dr. Curt Bonk from Indiana University has been peer reviewed and published in MERLOT (Multimedia Educational Resources for Learning and Online Teaching). The MERLOT project is an international initiative-enabling faculty to integrate technology into higher education.  MERLOT is supported by 27 systems and institutions of higher education as well as the National Science Foundation.  Over 200 faculties from these institutions have been performing the peer review of instructional technology, modeled after the peer review process for research and scholarship.


The MERLOT project ( is an online community of faculty and institutions collaborating to increase the quantity of high quality web-based, interactive teaching and learning materials. The MERLOT website is a free "gateway" for these web-based materials.  Finding web-based materials to incorporate into one's course is just the first step for faculty; faculty must also decide if the materials are correct, effective teaching-learning tools, and easy to use.  MERLOT conducts the peer review of online materials and ensures reliable and valid reviews through the selection and training of the Editorial Board Members as well as on-going support for the review process.   You can obtain more details about the MERLOT project, the peer review process, and evaluation standards at


The MERLOT Teacher Education Editorial Board identified Professor Curt Bonk's work as worthy of peer review and assigned at least two (2) MERLOT Editorial Board Members to review the work, using the three review guidelines:

1.  Quality of content.

2.  Potential effectiveness as a teaching-learning tool.

3.  Ease of use


Members of the Editorial Board communicate with the authors to ensure comprehensive review of the materials.  The reviews are then posted on the MERLOT website.  The Peer Review Report of Dr Curt Bonk's work can be found at:


In summary, the MERLOT Teacher Education Editorial Board wishes to acknowledge the valuable contributions Professor Curt Bonk has made to advancing the teaching and learning within the discipline.  Dr. Curt Bonk's work is a model of the scholarship of teaching that can benefit faculty teaching and student learning around the world.



Jane Moore, Editor

MERLOT Teacher Education Editorial Board