Open to Public Talk #2: Northern Virginia Community College , Annandale Campus

NOVA's Extended Learning Institute invites you to attend the informative session presented by our guest speaker Dr. Curtis Jay Bonk, from Indiana University:
"Creating Engaging, Collaborative, and More Active Classes: Low-Risk, Low-Cost, Low Time (for online classrooms)"

Are you bored with your teaching? Are your students? Are students not engaged in their learning? Do you feel that new approaches simply take too much time or are too risky? Are you interested in collaborative learning? In this talk, Dr. Bonk provides more than 100 ways to liven up your lectures and get your students involved and engaged in learning. The emphasis will be on collaborative learning and student engagement in that learning. There will be dozens of collaborative learning methods that you can use to motivate and engage your students in their learning. Some of the strategies will be very teacher-centered, while others will give students more ownership and control of the curriculum. These strategies will relate to creativity, critical thinking, cooperative and collaborative learning, and motivation. Importantly, each strategy will be laid out in a step-by-step approach. In addition, Dr. Bonk label each one in terms of the degree of risk, time, and cost and he will offer his advice for getting started with these tools and techniques.

Where: Annandale Campus - CT building Room 335

When: Monday, Nov 12th at 6:00 - 7:00 pm.

Please send email to Nantana at: to reserve your seat!


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