Title: Characteristics of YouTube Use and Users: Implications for Education

ID: 27146
Type: Full Paper   Topic: Research

Room: 11
Tue, Oct. 27 10:00 AM-11:00 AM

Meng-Fen Grace Lin, Unversity of Hawaii, USA
Georgette Michko, University of Houston, USA
Curtis Bonk, Indiana University, USA

This literature review and survey research investigated the characteristics of adult users of the online video sharing site YouTube. Survey respondents reported on their ownership of hardware devices, Web 2.0 activities and social network activities, as well as rating a randomly assigned video. Based on results, recommendations are made for educational uses of YouTube videos. We suggest employing an alternative discussion forum to foster social interaction when incorporating YouTube videos in teaching. Furthermore, it might be necessary to scaffold advanced technology tools before implementing them in the classroom. In addition, we suggest the development of shorter, informative videos with rich text information, and encourage video searching and sharing as a learning assignment.

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